Happy New Year

Now, arguably more than at any time since the Second World War, leadership is needed, at all levels in businesses, in organisations of all types and across society as a whole.  

As we stand at the dawning of 2021, looking forward, much appears dark. Yet, on yonder horizon, beams of light offer optimism. Great leaders who have gone before us warn that it is always darkest before the dawn. Let’s listen to their wise counsel, hear their messages and consider our next steps. 

There are some who contrast the gap between the fear of an economic crisis caused by the dreaded virus with the optimism of mass immunisation unleashing a new confidence to come together once more – as people, as families, as work colleagues – to spend, grow and invest in a new future…seizing opportunities that may come within our grasp. 

But how?  

We offer up three key aspects for leaders to consider: 

  1. Embrace transformation – develop the skills of leading change. Covid-19 has transformed the way businesses work. Leaders have had to think fast and react. Now is the time to be more proactive and capitalise on opportunities: to explore profitable areas to compete, maximise use of technology, communicate with staff working remotely etc. Those companies with cash will have investment opportunities unavailable to others. Question is, which to prioritise? 

  1. Leadership skills  in times of change and uncertainty, staff will look to leaders at all levels for direction and support. Coaching, demonstrating emotional intelligence and empathising with staff as they go through change will place much demand and pressure on leaders and managers – training in these areas will become vital. Delegation skills will need to come to the fore as senior leaders face passing on responsibility to others to free up the time to consider market opportunities and options to #BounceBackBetter.  

  1. Hybrid model  with technology offering greater opportunities to work remotely, how do you engage, motivate and manage a workforce that work in different locations?  

Danger awaits too. There are two that senior leaders need to be mindful of – the danger of not investing in yourself; and, the danger of not investing in others. Here we can learn the lessons from the greatest leaders in every recession over the last 30 years who seized the moment and invested at the bottom of the economic cycle when others battened down the hatches. These leaders grasped the opportunities and their businesses came back strongest.  

All at QuoLux™ deeply understand how to effectively lead in a crisis and have a rich experience of working alongside hundreds of other business leaders who have learned this skill too. In 2021, please consider taking time out to work alongside peers from similar sized companies who also wish to navigate the choppy waters of the coming year.  

QuoLux™ can assist as we have developed both in-person and fully online programs, courses and modules to support leaders and managers in whatever way best suits them.  

Our LEAD™ and LEADlight programmes have been designed to develop senior leaders, middle managers and first-line managers to both develop themselves and improve the business, whereas accessing the QuoLux™ Online Leadership & Management Centre provides the opportunity to learn anywhere, at any time and at your own pace. 

Undoubtedly there are challenges facing the world in the months to come. We remain optimistic that effective leadership will provide the light that illuminates the paths for others to play their part in realising the opportunities that will be there. 

We’d welcome the opportunity to speak to you and explore how we can support you and your teams in 2021. 

Happy New Year! 


Dr Stewart Barnes

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