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Business has the potential to be the greatest mechanism on the planet to enhance humanity, if it can galvanise purpose-led leadership to generate Good Dividends.

Good Dividends is a new model of business

The core idea of the Good Dividends is that all businesses can develop 6 areas of value. When all 6 are connected in a circle of value, Good Dividends are realised. Businesses that do this outperform the market.


International and Inter-disciplinary Initiative

The Good Dividends Project is an international and inter-disciplinary initiative of 18 academics and organisational leaders. Led by Professor Steve Kempster, the central ideas have been tested and refined in partnership with QuoLux™ and the Regenerative Alliance. The ideas have been made available for business leaders to realise Good Dividends through the development of purpose-led leadership and a purpose-led business.

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Purpose, Planet and Profit … Realised

Planet and profit are closely connected if purpose is at the heart of leadership attention. Our two connected programs enable leaders to realise their ambitions and visions where business can be a force for good whilst enhancing profitability.

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The Threats to Humanity Cannot be Resolved by Governments Alone

Business has a pivotal role to play, and every business can be central to enhancing humanity. We just need purpose-led leadership to realise Good Dividends...

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Imagine in 25 years' time a parent explaining the purpose of business:

"Well, law is to justice, like medicine is to health...like business is to humanity!"