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GAIN Cohort 7 OE

Following on from the GOLD™ program, GAIN™ focuses on the leadership of innovation and creating sustainable competitive advantage whilst building on the desire of participants to learn from and work alongside peers from different local companies.

In 10 months, GAIN™ integrates learning from a two-day Overnight Experiential with Masterclasses, competing in our online Planning2Win business simulation, Think Tanks and monthly action learning sets before delegates spend 12 months working on a practical, business-based innovation project, receiving both on-going pragmatic support and university tutorial support.

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    the amount an average SME invests in innovation per year

  • 6

    of CEOs are satisfied with innovation performance

  • 80
    Innovation Projects

    of GAIN™ delegates do the work based learning Masters, an innovation project, and achieve a fully accredited MBA.

Who is GAIN™ for?

GAIN™ builds on a business leader’s learning and development from the LEAD™ and GOLD™ programs, addressing the quest to keep leadership and strategy fresh and to move towards creating sustainable competitive advantage for a delegate’s business.


After graduating from GAIN™, you will possess the insights and confidence in your own leadership and business strategies, the knowledge and skills to keep them live, real and relevant, and demonstrate the self-assurance to be a trusted advisor to other businesses.

Reason to do GAIN™?

GAIN™ enables you to build on the skills learnt and acquired during LEAD™ and GOLD™ to investigate what innovation and continuous improvement mean to you and your business whilst further developing your strategic leadership.

Delegates who have successfully completed LEAD™, GOLD™ and GAIN™ can apply to the University of Gloucestershire to obtain an MBA by completing a work-based project.

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