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Feedback V3

10 Steps for Giving Effective Constructive Feedback

Whilst employees generally want to receive constructive feedback and recognise the benefits that it can bring, leaders and managers often don’t feel comfortable giving it. 92% of people agreed that…

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Water Ripples

Leading through Change

It’s now been a year since the first lockdown was announced in the UK and as a result of the pandemic, change has been rippling through our political systems, financial markets and society. How can…

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Five Tips for Giving Effective Feedback

Inform, Engage and Inspire your Team It is really important for people to know how they are doing in the workplace and research confirms that performance feedback is one of the best ways to help…

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Inspire Belief Montage Of Women

Inspiring Belief: Women in Leadership

Sadly, women are still under-represented in leadership teams across the UK – even though evidence shows that a more balanced representation of women in top leadership positions produces better…

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Fast Growth Leadership Blog

Fast-growth Leadership

Every business faces its own leadership challenges. But for growing SMEs these can feel particularly acute. Intense periods of change can leave fast-growing companies ricocheting from one new…

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Five Tips for Leading Remote Teams

Currently just under 50% of the adult population is working from home with Covid-19 necessitating what has been referred to as the ‘world’s biggest remote working experiment’.  Prior to the pandemic,…

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Five Reasons To Choose Learning Online

Five Reasons to Choose Learning Online

Realising that vision is now only one click away as the QuoLux™ Online Leadership and Management Centre (QuoLMC) provides courses, modules and programs of learning for leaders and managers at all…

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Leading Change, Part 4

Leading Change, Part 4

Here we share the final part in our leading change series, and that is the imperative for creating employee engagement.  Employee engagement underscores each of the first three principles that we’ve…

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Leading Change, Leadership Styles

Leading Change, Part 3

In January we began considering the guiding principles for leading change, and in this 3rd blog of the series, we highlight the importance of adjusting leadership style to suit…

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Change Curve Rollercoaster

Leading Change, Part 2

What makes an effective leader? This month we are considering four guiding principles for leading change and this week we’re discussing the second principle; supporting people through the Change…

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