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What are DigiTools?

DigiTools is our name for the range of digital tools we have developed for businesspeople and leaders at all levels.

DigiTools are online resources that enable you to gain greater insight into an area of your business easier and faster than traditional paper-based questionnaires, surveys or desktop analysis. The DigiTools are web/database based and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime by everyone via URL, or in some instances via QR codes.

Many of the tools can be tailored and branded to your organisation, are mobile-friendly, and create reports and graphs that can either be produced by your own team or by QuoLux™ for you.

The DigiTools are available on a subscription basis or on a pay-per-use plan, and some are free for use as part of our approach to extend Good Dividends to all.

DigiTools are varied, versatile and valued assisting you to create insights to develop yourself, your teams and your organisation.

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How to access the DigiTools

If you are interested in finding out more about how DigiTools can help you and your organisation, please send us a message below.


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