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Working on your own gives little opportunity to reflect with others on what you learn from your workplace, and sometimes you need more than your own experience. Reflection on your personal and professional experiences creates learning which can be applied to improve your performance. 

At the heart of our coaching and mentoring programs is the QuoLux™ Learning Cycle which encourages you to reflect on situations to consider behaviours, before building a plan and a set of actions to do something different to develop yourself and resolve the issue or challenge you are facing. 

QuoLux™ can also work with you to construct coaching and/or mentoring programs within your organisation. 

What is Coaching?

Coaching unlocka person’s potential to maximise their own performance by helping them to learn rather than teaching them. 

Whether you are a new manager or junior, middle or senior manager, you can work with a qualified and experienced QuoLux coach either individually in one-to-one coaching or as part of a small support group, called Action Learning. 

A series of formalised coaching sessions are agreed over a set period, normally six months with the aim to improve your performance as a leader, in other words, helping you to learn.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is similar to coaching, supporting an individual to learn or develop faster than they might do alone. 

Mentoring usually focuses on the future, career development, and broadening an individual’s horizons. 

Mentors are often regarded as trusted advisors, people with much experience in many different areas who are willing to share this knowledge. 

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