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Practical, work-based Master's Degree


A work-based MBA project

Unlike more traditional Master’s courses, the nature of this MBA does not require you to have any previous academic qualifications. Indeed, many delegates haven't attended university before or may have left school with few formal qualifications.

Each businessperson applies their studies to real projects that add value to their business. They choose the focus of their project, which could be, for example, an important challenge that they're working through at that time. 

A 'Practical' MBA for you

Much of our lives are spent at work and a great deal of learning takes place there. Learning is often informal, ongoing and unacknowledged, but lifelong. 

Businesspeople who have participated in our leadership development programs tell us that the 'learning' becomes real when they are able to apply the ideas, theories and knowledge from the programs to their own organisations, which creates new experiences. 'Learning to lead' transforms not only the leader but also those around them. 

An increasing number of businesspeople are choosing to add an extra dimension to their learning; one that views ‘real life’ learning through an academic lens, known as ‘work based learning’. By successfully completing our LEAD™, GOLD™ and GAIN™ programs,  delegates then have the option to undertake an MBA at the University of Gloucestershire.

An MBA - Masters in Business Administration - is the most sought-after business qualification and is the pinnacle of Master’s education. It is a prestigious postgraduate qualification that businesspeople and employers value extremely highly. The degree is versatile and used all over the world, and can offer a major boost to anyone's career and self-belief. For those that wish to improve their own and their company’s performance, obtain new knowledge and embrace the rigour of academia then our practical pathway towards an MBA is for you. 

  • 80
    of GAIN™ delegates

    do the work based learning Master’s and achieve an MBA

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